How It Works


  1. Walk in any time and choose a piece of pottery to paint OR create a mosaic or glass fusion piece.
  2. We’ll help you get started by providing professional instruction, all materials and supplies including bisqueware, glaze, brushes, stamps, stencils, glass supplies, cutting and assembly tools. We’ll refer you to resource materials and completed samples for inspiration.
  3. We’ll fire your project (s) in our kilns and have your artwork ready for pick up in 7 days.


Projects vary in cost from $6-$60 with the average cost around $18. We do not charge additional painting or studio fees. The cost of your project includes unlimited time to complete it, all materials, instruction, glazing and firing. Plus we have a customer loyalty program that gives everyone a 10% in-store project credit after 6 studio visits.
We welcome walk-in business any time and offer numerous classes, workshops & camps in painting pottery, hand-building clay art, glass fusion, and mosaics.
We also reserve space for birthdays, corporate events, showers, fundraisers or any occasion where doing a fired art project seems like a fun thing to do. We work with local schools and organizations in creating professional auction projects and look forward to working on many community-based art projects.

Our Products

We use only high-quality cone 04 bisqueware from a variety of national distributors, Mayco underglazes (cone 06) from local supplier A&D Ceramics and Doll Supply, low and mid-fire clays from Seattle Pottery Supply, and Spectrum Glass (Woodinville, WA). We strive to use local and recycled products whenever possible..